Adam Awards Winners | 2011 Edition

Spurgeon: il predicatoreBEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY
Spurgeon: the people’s preacher
(UK – 75’)
Directed by Crawford Telfer

This documentary has two great qualities: on the one hand, the excellent screenplay and historical reconstruction of the characters (who really existed) and of the extraordinary testimonies of their lives which are alternated with images and clips taken from film archives: on the other hand, it’s ability to draw the spectator into the narration. .

Sabaoth International Film Festival

Sabaoth Internationa Film Festival

The Sabaoth International Film Festival is a biennial event that presents high quality productions from all over the world. It was created with the objective of discovering and promoting films that underline the themes of love, respect and dignity of human life. We are convinced that these Christian values are in fact universally valid and that they can be shared by all.

The 2017 edition of the S.I.F.F. will be held in Milan from Wednesday Nov 29 to Friday Dec 1. The Awards ceremony and the event dedicated to the Special Category on “Who is my neighbour? Give voice to solidarity?” will both be held on Saturday Dec 2.

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