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During the fourth edition of the Sabaoth International Film Festival (S.I.F.F.), held in Milan from March 2-5, 2011 at the Apollo spazioCinema, a special short film competition on the theme of domestic violence was held. It was open to all filmmakers (particularly young people) and there was no entry fee.

The three winning short films were awarded a prize and the productions were donated to three no-profit charity organizations actively involved in this area of social work and who do not have funds to create a video to promote their activity.

In the last edition, the S.I.F.F. gave voice and visibility to the massacres in Orissa, (India) and the key-speakers were the President of Amnesty International Italy, a representative of PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) and the Director of “Missione Possibile”, an international missions organization.

The 2011 edition was dedicated to women, with a series of discussion groups, round tables and screenings held by expert professional speakers who explored the theme of abuse and violence that women endure, especially domestic violence.

The Festival aims at taking part in those concrete actions that work towards finding a solution to this “open wound” and offers a place and an opportunity to those who “have no voice”, in order that their tragedy might be brought to the light and the silence broken, thus creating a greater awareness in the general public of this dramatic issue. Every human being deserves respect and the right to live in dignity yet violence, including domestic violence, denies these basic fundamentals. Those who are suffering the consequences of violence (both men and women) need help in order to start a path of healing that will lead them out of those psychological and spiritual prisons (within them and outside of them) in which many victims of abuse are trapped.
We believe that this help can also be offered in part by art in general, including media, and by people of faith who are involved in art and media, together with all those operators who are socially involved in this field. The objective of the S.I.F.F. (that, from it’s start, has had both an artistic and a social vocation) is precisely to promote an increasingly meaningful dialogue between art/faith and the community, both in the special category and in the main festival.

During the last day of the Festival various round tables were held with guest speakers and performances dedicated to this theme and selected short films from the special category were shown.
During the Gala evening, the three winning short films were screened.

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