Give voice to those who have none 2015

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In this edition, the objective is to bring to the forefront the beauty of creation, it’s battle for survival and the important and precious task that humanity has been entrusted with: nurturing and caring for nature. We are part of the planet and our actions have repercussions on our natural environment.  The beauty of creation bears witness to God. When a plant receives no sunlight, water, oxygen, it withers and dies. When we feed it poison it becomes deformed. The same is true of our body, soul and spirit.

Are we good stewards of the planet God gave us?
What are we feeding it?  How are we taking care of it? And what could the results of our choice to take this responsibility or ignore it mean for us and, above all, for future generations?
Are earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters nature’s cry for help and attention?
Will nature develop a strategy to survive without us?
The beauty of creation is stunning, the miracle of the innumerable species of animals, plants, rocks etc is astounding. In nature, we see an astounding expression of God’s creativity, but how long will our planet be able to endure the ravages we are reaping on it? Do we have eyes to see and ears to hear?
Our question in this edition is: “If nature could speak, what would it say to us?”

The Special Category films should be maximum 3 minutes long and can either:
  1. Narrate the majesty and beauty of creation and the miracle of it’s survival;
  2. Denounce the suffering and malnutrition of creation due to what we are “feeding” the planet.
The film should have NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE OR SPOKEN WORDS,  (soundtrack and sound effects are accepted).

We are all moved when we see pictures of starving, undernourished children in thirld world countries, or the battered and wounded bodies of men and women.
We take care not to eat poisonous foods, not to drink polluted water, not to expose our bodies to harmful agents. – but do we ever consider the effect of the toxins we are pouring into the land and waters of the earth?

When it comes to our environment, how aware are we of the consequences that our actions individually and globally have on the planet? We worry about leaving an inheritance to our children: money, a house, an education but are we just as concerned about the environmental inheritance we are leaving them?

We stop to admire a sunset, a blue sky, a mighty waterfall, a beautiful flower, a delicate butterfly. We read in the book of Genesis that God created the heaven and earth and all that is in it. And at the end of each day He saw that what He had created was “good”. Is this still so?

Do we ever think that future generations may not have the same opportunity to be touched by the beauty of creation because of the choices we make today?

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