Not only Festival


The Sabaoth International Film Festival is not an event or an experience that starts and ends without leaving trace.

On the contrary, it aims at being a “window” that looks out onto today’s society: a place in which to narrate things that often cannot be narrated elsewhere.

This is the premise for the Special Section “Give voice to those who have none” and each edition explores an issue related to human rights being violated in our present age.

In the 2008 edition, visibility and voice was given to the massacres taking place in Orissa, India,with representatives from Amnesty International, the PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) and Missione Possibile.

2011 was an important year for our Festival. The Special Section was dedicated to defending the dignity of women, with a series of discussion groups, round tables and screenings held by expert professional speakers who explored the theme of abuse and violence that women endure, especially domestic violence.

We created a Special Category short film competition which was held parallel to the main festival. The theme in this edition was “Give voice to the dignity of women – breaking the silence” .

In 2013 the Special Section short film competition "Give voice to those who have none" was dedicated to the theme of disability: "Differently able or able differently?"

In 2015 we focused on ecology and the environment and asked "if Nature could speak, what would it say to us?" Are we really aware of the consequences that our individual and collective actions have on the planet? The Special Category was entitled: "The beauty of creation: give voice to a dying planet".

2017 is the 7th edition of the festival and we will explore a delicate and important theme that is fundamental for the future of humanity: "Who is my neighbour? Give voice to solidarity". In a world that urges us to invest on ourselves and on our personal survival, what does it mean to give voice to solidarity from a Christian perspective?

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